6 Types of Instagram posts that you’ll find on your timeline

So yeah ...

Here’s a quick blog post that I was discussing with my wife last night. It must be said ..

Here are the 6 Instagram posts that you ALWAYS find on your timeline:

1- The ‘I-wasnt-aware-you-took-a-pic-of-me-but-Sobhan-Allah-I-look-like-I’m-about-to-walk-down-the-aisle’ Post

Shutup! We know this was premeditated. We know you planned this. The ‘Oh damn I wasnt looking but this is going to be my profile pic’ isnt fooling anyone!

2- The Mirror Selfie 

Ya Zalameh KHALAS. Whether in an elevator or in the place you choose to release your stomach waste, we all know it took you 2.6 million tries before posting that pic .. because you know, everyone’s going to notice if you tilted your face ever-so-slightly to the left, or right ..

3- The Fashionista that tells everyone exactly what she’s wearing by brand and store:

You know those .. the one with the caption that reads like this ‘Great day, wearing my…

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