What’s going on in AUB’s bathrooms?

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Have you ever wondered what goes on in a girl’s head?
Don’t you wonder how can girls know everything about you between 2nd and 3rd period?
Why do they go to the bathroom in groups?
What’s in the bathroom?

Well, today while I was studying at Jafet (AUB’s library), like any other day, nature called and I had to answer.
I went down to the girls’ bathrooms and chose a random toilet which happened to be the one in the middle.
I looked around and saw what I usually see, words written in markers, pens, pencils, some are decorated, others are not.
You can find there literally every single topic that crosses your mind, actually believe it or not but every toilet has a special different theme.
Let me list first the most interactive topics and issues discussed:
1- Weight and How someone should feel about his/her body
2- Homosexuality…

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