Of Trash and Men


The trash crisis in Lebanon has spiraled out of hand, and… even reached social media

A whole lot of people were mobilized yesterday to oppose the approach the Lebanese goverment has been having to deal with waste disposal.

Protests are generally praised, especially among the young, the possibility of having change or participating in a change is a wonderful thing to thrive for. But most importantly the need of getting rid of the trash is a far more pressing concern (environmentally). Therefore, a protest organized for this purpose seems highly interesting.

The problem with protests of course, is that zeal is often missdirected, the burst of emotions can be likened to a raging volcano, both unfocused, and extremely loud, and mostly destructive. Zeal can apparently force the stench unto social media as well. This post highlights a few things related to the common things I have seen spurring around, and…

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